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Dental patient AIDs concerns

A recent survey of dental patients in the Cincinnati area and nation wide showed that patient protection was #1 on their list of concerns about dental care. Some patients have even quit going to the dentist because of their fears.

Fortunately, trips to Rogers Family Dentistry have never been safer. The case in Florida where the patient was apparently infected with the AIDS virus by her dentist is the only such case out of tens of millions of dental treatments performed since the introduction of the virus. The Center for Disease Control still does not know the method of infection.

However, even one case is too many. At Rogers Family Dentistry we have responded by adopting "universal (or standard) precautions". These involve sterilizing all instruments in dry-heat ovens or steam autoclaves to kill any bacteria. Disposable items are used whenever possible.

The chance of contracting an infection in the dental chair is extremely remote, but the chance of losing one's teeth because of lack of proper dental care is extremely likely.

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